Over the years, my peers, clients and co-workers have said some constructive, great things (don't forget about the funny stuff) about not only my work, but what's it's like to work collaboratively with me. 


Nicole MacDonald

Marketing Strategist and Commercial Guru

Co-worker at ULTA Beauty

JoAnna is a thought provoking designer with a creative eye for the unknown, detail-oriented and always thinks outside the box. She is such a creative thought-leader in her professional and personal life, I've even hired her for her skill as a wedding photographer. A true artist in every aspect of her creative profession.


Kelly Smith

VP, Account Director

Co-worker at ULTA Beauty

JoAnna is an amazing person to work with, and she is wonderful creative partner. She pays attention to detail, she understands urgency and she is not afraid to think outside of the box. I have worked with many creative partners over the years, and JoAnna is by far the best at understanding the creative needed to support the strategy.





JoAnna worked on all the branding assets for a content platform my business partner and I are getting ready to launch in 2018. We were the classic case of "know what we hate...but cannot tell you why or give you any solid artistic direction!" 

JoAnna's talent blew us away. Not only is she artistically amazing, she had the ability to take our minimal direction and deliver exactly what we were trying to say. Her experience, intuitive sense, industry knowledge and professionalism, made our branding journey an enjoyable experience. She over delivered, gave us more options than we were even expecting and always came to us well ahead of deadlines. Additionally, she gave us invaluable advice on areas such as email marketing, newsletter best practices and copy. JoAnna continues to be a vital part of our new business venture and I cannot say enough great things about her and her work.